Black Star

Dedicated to those individuals who were not afraid to take risks with their style and who continue to influence and inspire.


50 cent, Rapper/Actor

Beyonce, Singer

Billy Dee Williams, Actor

Cab Calloway, Musician

Cecily Tyson, Actress

Diana Ross, Singer/Actress

Dorothy Dandridge, Actress

Dwayne Wade, Basketball Star

Eartha Kitt, Singer/Actress

Eddie Murphy, Actor/Comedian

Grace Jones, Model/Actress

Harry Belafonte, Actor/Activist

James Brown, Singer

Janelle Monae, Singer

Jay-Z, Rapper/Entrepreneur

John W. Bubbles, vaudeville performer, dancer, singer and entertainer

Josephine Baker, Dancer, Singer and Actress

Kanye West, Rapper/Producer

Kerry Washington, Actress

Lena Horne, Actress

Lil Richard, Singer

Lola Falana, Singer, Dancer and Actress

Lupita Nyong’o, Actress

Marvin Gaye, Singer

Michael Jackson, Pop Icon

Michael Jordan, Basketball Star/Entrepreneur

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

Mr. T., Actor

Nat King Cole, Singer

Nicki Minaj, Rapper/Actress

Nina Simone, Singer

Pharrell Williams, Singer/Producer

Prince, Pop Icon

Rihanna, Singer

Run DMC, Rap Group

Sammy Davis Jr., Singer, Dancer and Actor

Richard Roundtree (as Shaft), Actor

Solange, Singer/Songwriter

Serena Williams, Star Tennis Player

Steve Harvey, Actor, Comedian and Entrepreneur

The Temptations, R&B Group

Tina Turner, Singer

Tracee Ellis Ross, Actress

Venus Williams, Star Tennis Player